Side jobs that can earn you extra cash

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Sometimes it's nice to have some extra money in your bank account even if you are employed full time and paid adequately. Maybe you are saving for a dream vacation or your child's college education or maybe it's to sock away savings to jumpstart your own future business endeavor. Whatever the reason, a side job is a great way to start saving money.

The amount of people getting side jobs has decreased since the mid-1990s, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics. The percentage of workers who held more than one job at the same time was 4.9% in 2017, which is below the above 6% rate recorded in the 1990s. In a survey done by, 3 in 10 working Americans with a side job say they need the extra income to help with regular living expenses.

So how do you get this extra money? Here are just some of the options to consider as a lucrative side job.

Delivery driver

You can deliver packages or food. UPS and Amazon hire new delivery drivers often. But there are also apps that allow you to sign up for gig-based food, grocery and shopping delivery using your own vehicle. The average hourly pay for a delivery driver is $14.66 per hour but varies based on your location, according to the Bureau Labor of Statistics.


If you have a reliable vehicle and are familiar with your way around town, rideshare driver is a great option for a side job. Just make sure that rideshare is permitted in the city that you are living in. There are plenty of apps that you can sign up on to do rideshare. You can work whenever you want and can work as many hours as you want as well.

Personal assistant

There are a lot of tasks to do throughout the day and people could be stressed out with all the work. If you are handy around the house or organized, this could be the side job for you. The average hourly pay for secretaries or administrative assistants is $18.69 and may vary based on the time spent and difficulty of tasks.


Babysitters are always in demand, but elder care is also a growing field. Being a caregiver to a senior, infant or child offers flexible hours. There are plenty of caregiving services you can sign up for online. The average hourly pay is $11.17 for childcare workers and $11.57 for home health aides and may vary based on location, according to the Bureau Labor of Statistics.

Pet sitter

Pet owners with  jobs and other responsibilities do not always have the time to take care of them. If you are an animal lover, consider being a pet sitter for other people. Animal care and service workers make an average hourly pay of $11.51, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 


Customer service representative

This is a position that can be online or in-office. Customer service representatives interact with customers on behalf of an organization. They provide information about products and services, take orders, respond to customer complaints and process returns.


No need to be a genius or have a bachelor's degree in a subject in order to be a tutor. There are plenty of subjects and topics that you can be a tutor in. If you're good in math, try tutoring some students who need assistance in math. If you know how to play the piano, then tutor someone in piano or music. But if you are looking for something more formal there are also schools that are looking for tutors to work in their school district. It can even help you get your start as a teacher. Productions

Party/event planner

Do you have a skill for planning parties? Are you good at budgeting for an event? You can offer your services to family and friends and let them know to spread the word. You may end up with a list of clients that can attest to your skills. You work for yourself and can pick the events you would like to decline and accept based on your schedule. Event planners make an average hourly pay of $23.74 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Vesalainen

Be a landlord

This is another great self-employment option. If you have a spare room, garage or storage space you are not using, renting out your space can be a great option for you to make some extra money. Trade

Freelance writer

If you have a great ability to write or tell stories many, media outlets are looking for freelance writers to do work for them.  Whether it is in sports, music, entertainment or investigative, there are plenty of topics that you can write about as a freelance writer.


Similar to being a freelance writer, plenty of places are looking for people deft with the written word to be part-time editors. If you have an eye for catching mistakes in writing, this could be a great option that allows you to work extra hours from home.


Are you good at cleaning up spaces and organizing them? You can do this for someone that doesn't have the time, energy or ability to clean around their house. If you have the eye to tidy up spaces that other people normally wouldn't clean, this could be for you.


Similar to being a party planner, if you have the ability to cook good food for large crowds, you could cater events. Whether it's a birthday party, graduation party or family reunion, there is always food involved. You can accept and decline events as you like based on your schedule.

Fitness Instructor

Fitness instructors provide training and instruction of fitness programs to individuals and groups. Fitness Instructors engage clients in exercise routines and weight loss programs and help them to reach their individual goals. If you already workout often and are looking for a way to turn your hobby into extra money, consider being a fitness instructor.


Retail jobs are often hiring part-time and seasonal employees. Stores that need extra employees during the busier times of the year hire sales associates regularly. If you're looking for jobs other than retail, here are seasonal jobs you can get in other industries.

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