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The Lehigh Valley restaurant scene is booming, though it is difficult to keep up with the many new dining options emerging in the region. We have compiled a list of restaurants that have recently opened that have caused a sensation, as well as highly anticipated restaurants that are about to open. The ever-growing list can be seen in our list below, along with a look back at some of our favorite places of the past few years.

Why you should check it out: The team that brought you tapas has been in the works for months and is ready to take over the former main room of Little Italy. Why not: Other Lehigh Valley favorites, such as stuffed French Toast pancakes, could help refresh Park Plaza and Sullivan Trail.

Guests should be pampered with his unique martini at the grill and try the cocktails, all highly recommended. For dessert, try the classic Creme Brulee and enjoy the fact that this is a restaurant that holds a little piece of Allentown history. Why not: With a coffee service that never ends with a smile, you will not regret taking a sip of your coffee or even a glass or two of wine.

Why not: This new Kiez pizza joint is always worth a try, and with New York-style and Sicilian pizza, there's something for everyone. Why not try it: The casual BYOB restaurant combines the best of both worlds in its menu, from classic pizza to more exotic dishes such as macaroni and cheese to cheeseburgers. Why you shouldn't: Check out these nonchalant, BYob restaurants, it combines a wide selection of craft beer and wine, as well as great food and excellent service.

Sushi is included, and there are some sushi recommendations, including the Dragon Roll with spicy tuna. The specialty sake is made with a variety of different sake varieties, such as sashimi, kimchi, sesame, ginger and gingerbread.

Lazeez's shawarma, spinach cake and baklava are all highly recommended and they are freshly prepared and cost a lot. It is worth trying if you are close, especially if early reviews are still coming in. Remember that the next time you try something new at night or in the morning, you will be itching.

When it opened, it was known as the Plain Fancy Diner until Art Metzgar sold it in the mid-1950s and renamed it Charcoal Drive - In. Locally known as Ham Fam , then it became Dempsey's Restaurant and remains one of the most popular restaurants in Allentown today.

The current location moved in 1989 when the current owners sold the former Chris Family restaurant (later known as Izzy's Family Restaurant) and bought Peter Pan's Diner. The new owners promised to completely renovate the kitchen and dining area, but the old diner was sold and sold to Mount Joy Diners. In 2004, it was replaced by a new 12-piece DeRaffele diner, and the older diner has since been sold.

Products include freshly cut steaks, freshly baked tender veal sautéed in olive oil and garlic butter, and freshly ground beef. The salads of the house are full of flavour, with ingredients that taste as if they have just been picked from their own garden. shrimp limoncello and eggplant romano, The breading of the tender veal sausage with garlic, caramelised onions and Parmesan cheese was enthusiastically applauded.

Here you will find chicken fillets in a sauce of your choice and fried cucumbers on the side, as well as chicken and pork ribs. Get pulled pork, ribs and brisket that are cut by the pound, and you will also find fried chicken, pork belly and chicken fillet that are tossed with sauces of your choice, along with a selection of salads and sandwiches.

Henry's Salt of the Sea serves French-inspired dishes in authentic, rustic surroundings. Highlights on the menu include fried courgettes, boiled eggplants and baba gannouj (eggplants mixed with olive oil, tomatoes, onions and spices). If you prefer a different meal, try the volcanic salad, garnished with crispy, thin noodles with spicy crab meat.

Ristorante Roma is conveniently located near the airport and offers hearty Italian cuisine in an elegant setting. Asian cuisine for all who love it , this restaurant is a must - try it and offer a variety of dishes such as bok choy, bibimbap, kimchi, sashimi and more. Why you should check it out: This shopping center spot adds to the Allentown area's reputation as one of the best shopping centers in the state and is just blocks from the airport.

Created in 2001 by chef John D'Amico and his wife Lisa, Grille 3501 is a fusion of Asian, French and Mediterranean cuisine prepared in a self-described, sophisticated and unpretentious atmosphere. Bayou Easton has played its part in its success by replicating the tried and true formula in rooms with a very different vibe. Each dish comes with top-quality ingredients, and the acai bowl is made with antioxidants - rich berries mixed and served with nutella, banana, coconut flakes and more.

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