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In an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus, Tom Wolf has extended a shutdown order to the entire state of Pennsylvania and tightened his directive to close businesses, issuing dire warnings and saying Thursday that life - business preservation - must close its doors and that "a stay in Pennsylvania should take you to Pittsburg, an interesting city to discover. The stay - at home - expired after 10 weeks in southeastern Pennsylvania, he said Monday, but the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has instructed six casinos to stay open until 7 a.m.

In a statement, PennDOT said the closures of the rest and recreation area were due to the "unprecedented level of traffic congestion" in the area announced due to the high number of vehicles on state roads and bridges. All covered museums and attractions in Pennsylvania will reopen by Thursday, depending on the size of the venues and capacity limits.

If you need help finding out if your hotel is open, please call Allentown Pennsylvania Holiday Inn Hotels at (412) 662-5555. The hotel will remain open during the closing of the rest and recreation area, but the information collected can only be shared and used in its entirety to anticipate any disruption to the business operations of our hotels.

Hotel rooms, cabins and cottages, please email [email protected] or call 570 - 587 - 3300 in Scranton. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news and information on all of our hotels in the Allentown area.

Check out all the news and information about the Allentown Holiday Inn Hotel in Scranton and see the full list of hotel rooms, cottages and vacation homes in the area. See the latest news, information and pictures of all Allenown hotels and the best hotel deals.

Check out the latest news, information and pictures of the Allentown Holiday Inn Hotel in Scranton and learn about activities and accommodation in the area. Learn more about the all-inclusive Allenown, Pennsylvania vacation resort and its amenities.

The Stroudsburg, PA hotel is one of the state's most popular hotels and a popular holiday destination. Check out amazing deals at the Allentown Holiday Inn Hotel in Scranton and learn about the amazing deals you can see on the hotel's website here.

There is a kosher menu and there are popular tourist destinations, including the Liberty Bell. Both Scranton and Wilkes-Barre have kosher options nearby, while Chabad of Pocono offers grocery deliveries at several locations. If you stay at Kalahari Accommodation, you can also stay free in one of the hotel rooms.

Hotels and accommodations are listed in our kosher travel information as school classes so you can walk to the Minyan (see below for time). Guests staying at Kalahari Accommodation (or any other hotel in the Allentown area) are requested to reserve meals in advance and join the daily Minyanim.

If you're a first-time visitor to Allentown, the Holiday Inn on Hamilton Boulevard offers a free tour of the historic downtown area. Appointing basics is exactly what you need to prepare for your day of adventure.

With a population of 76,089, Scranton is the third largest city in the state of Pennsylvania and the second largest in Pennsylvania after Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. This hotel is just 2 hours from New York City and a short drive from the city of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Centre County has more than 1,000 hotels, covering all counties of Lackawanna, Luzerne, Allegheny, Montgomery, Berks, Dauphin, Lehigh and Montgomery Counties.

A room at the Holiday Inn costs $108, although accommodations can be found for as little as $78, and hotel rooms are also available for those staying in New Jersey, which has over 1,000 hotels in New York City, including the Hilton Garden Inn, Marriott Hotel and Hyatt Regency Hotel. A hotel room is also ideal for someone who has behaved in COVID-19, a limited - interaction, nonverbal, low - contact relationship with someone else.

When Coca-Cola and baseball parks are high on your list of Allentown attractions, Hilton Garden Inn is the perfect place to stay. Built on the site of the former Coca Cola Baseball Park in the heart of downtown, this 105-room hotel features a restaurant with bar, pool and spa. If you're staying longer with a hot tub, you can also visit the Holiday Inn Express Hotel Suites, which gives you the opportunity to try your luck at the Wind Creek Casino in Bethlehem nearby.

Built by Pennsylvania Railroad and opened on January 25, 1919, Hotel Pennsylvania combines comfortable modern comfort with the charm of the old school of its original location. The Bushkill Inn Conference Center combines modern design with luxurious amenities and offers a full-service conference center, hotel, restaurant, bar, pool and spa.

Even more attractive is that the hotel has been renovated with kosher consumers in mind, which makes it possible to achieve the kosher dream of a family holiday. The Bushkill Inn Conference Center is a full-service conference center, hotel, restaurant, bar, pool and spa that offers 124 private rooms, suites and cabins with the comforts and amenities of a Pocono luxury hotel. The generous gift of the Pennsylvania Hotel to its guests is generous on many levels.

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