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The Inn at Brandywine Falls in Northfield, Ohio is an incredibly nice place to stay when you need to get away from it all. One of Pennsylvania's internationally renowned cultural anchors and one of America's most popular tourist destinations is the Sandywine Valley. It offers rolling hills, scenic views, beautiful waterfalls and a variety of natural attractions. The natural beauty of the region can be seen in the form of perhaps the most impressive waterfall in our state. There are a number of cultural highlights that are as impressive as the waterfall itself, but there is no doubt that the cultural highlight for me was a visit to the Allentown Pennsylvania Hilton Garden Inn with its beautiful gardens.

Hilton Garden Inn Allentown West was rated 4.0 / 5 by 552 guests on TripAdvisor. The Square in Brandywine Valley was rated 4 out of 5 by Tripadvisor and is a 2.2 hotel in Kennett Square. For more information, please see our previous hotel review and other hotels in the area.

Located in Chadds Ford business district, this hotel has been welcoming guests since 1826 and is close to the Sanderson Museum. If you're looking for a Pennsylvania-style bed and breakfast, Select Registry has one for you. Travel reviews also recommend Hilton Garden Inn Allentown West on Kennett Square as the top option for your stay.

It has an original two-storey farmhouse that has developed into a fine country inn You see it today through years of professional renovations and additions. In 1815 the Hemphill family added a magnificent Georgian extension and it is still one of the best hotels in the area.

This historic bed and breakfast property is located in Chester Heights, Pennsylvania, where the accommodation is located on a hill overlooking the Brandywine Valley. It was here that the Battle of Branderwine took place, the Du Ponts made their fortune and built their villas and gardens. James Wallace's house, built by George's son, remains the inn at Brydon Falls and is a bed & breakfast. The property is set on a historic property with guest rooms on the hill of Chester's Heights in Pennsylvania, where it sits atop the hills overlooking the Brandy wine valley.

Bed & Breakfasts are available throughout the area, including a number of hotels in Chester Heights, Chester County, Pennsylvania and other surrounding cities. This is the famous attraction hotel and the closest hotel in Pennsylvania.

The inn is advertised online and you can find it on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and other social media sites. Get the latest news, weather forecasts, traffic updates and more from the Allentown, Pennsylvania area.

The county links above will keep you up to date with the latest news, weather, traffic and more from Allentown, PA. Historic Brandywine Valley, where southeastern Chester County (PA) meets northern New Castle County (DE).

This is the location of the Allentown Hilton Garden Inn, the first of its kind in the United States and one of only two in Pennsylvania.

Stay close to the attractions of the Brandywine Valley and enjoy this beautiful Wilmington location overlooking the Delaware River. Enjoy the beautiful views from Hilton Garden Inn in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and enjoy the views from your bed and breakfast as well as access to all local restaurants and bars in the area.

Accommodation with shared lounge, ballroom and bar offers access to all local restaurants and bars, as well as a full bar. Stay in a small guesthouse that includes six rooms and a suite.

Located in the heart of Allentown, Pennsylvania, just blocks from downtown, this Grade II listed hotel is as much a part of the city as the Brandywine River Hotel, as it is the only hotel of its kind in Pennsylvania. The apartments are located on the ground floor and offer the opportunity to explore the many restaurants, bars, shops, cafes and other amenities of the area. Bed & Breakfast is located near the metro station and in a beautiful, historic building with a fully equipped bar, restaurant, bar and lounge.

This West Chester, PA hotel is just a short walk from the Brandywine River and Allentown city centre. This 1,705-acre park includes 535 acres of Marsh Creek Lake, which is great for fishing and sailing and a resting place for migratory waterfowl. Suits is a 3-star hotel that offers its guests a full-service bar, restaurant, bar and lounge, as well as a magnificent view of the river. Join us in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a night of eating, shopping, eating and entertainment.

Many of the members of this B & B are located in properties within walking distance of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania Bed and Breakfast Houses.

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