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About 35 miles north of Pittsburgh, a Butler King hot tub is a great weekend getaway in the heart of Allentown, Pennsylvania, just a few miles south of downtown. Whitehall Place is located at the corner of South Main Street and South Washington Street and offers a variety of apartment plans, including two bedrooms, three bedrooms, four bedrooms and five bedrooms. Virtual tour: Take a look at the best hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants across Pennsylvania.

From 2019 - 02., the Adam Orris House is a historic house in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. The house's owners are in the community of Equine Meadows in the Cumberlands Valley.

Lehigh Valley West welcomes two pets of any size and is located on the second floor of the Allentown, Pennsylvania hotel, just outside the city limits. Two pets over 75 lbs are welcome for an additional fee of $75 per stay. Guarantees take in two pets over 80 lbs for an additional fee of up to $30 per pet per night. For two pet sizes, Le Highland West is charged $25 for a night stay with two pets or $35 for three pets per day.

The Hampton Inn in Easton, PA welcomes two pets over 50 lbs, for an additional fee of up to $50 per pet per stay. The Rodeway Inn Allentown welcomes two dogs of any size for an additional fee of $10 per dog per night. Two dogs under 25 lbs are accepted for a fee of $15 per day or $25 per pet per week for three pets. AllENTOWN Hostel welcomes two pets of all sizes, with an extra charge of $5 for two pet nights and $20 for a pet night, plus $30 for the whole day with two pets.

The Renaissance Allentown Hotel welcomes a pet over 50 pounds for an additional fee of up to 75 dollars per stay, plus 25 dollars per pet per week for three pets.

Located in a quiet area, but full of family-friendly fun, the hotel hosts events such as the annual Allentown Children's Festival. Travelers who want a bit of culture can stop by for a day, while those who want to experience the natural beauty of the area can explore the area. Travelers interested in the city's cultural heritage can also stop by one of the many museums and galleries that visit those who want to experience history, culture, crafts, food and drink or even a local restaurant.

The hotel offers events such as the annual Allentown Children's Festival and a variety of events for children and adults.

The hotel offers events such as the annual Allentown Children's Festival and a variety of events for children and adults, as well as concerts and events.

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Ross Hall lives with his wife and three children in Allentown, Pa., in the Spring Hill neighborhood of the city. Find out more about the best hotels, restaurants, bars and restaurants in the Pennsylvania capital with our guide.

In 1810, when the population of Allentown, then Northampton, was about 700, the Americus Hotel was first used as a hotel in 1811. For the next 40 years, it was home to a host of local businesses, including the American Legion and the New York Hotel. In 1817, under the leadership of John D. and John F. Kennedy, a man who led the American Civil War against the French in the Revolutionary War, they expanded the inn and renamed it the Northampton Inn.

The hotel has been designed with comfort in mind, and business travelers will appreciate the convenience of a comfortable bed and breakfast and the convenience of being right in the heart of Allentown, just a short drive from the city center. It is also just minutes away from Bethlehem hotels, so for added comfort, it is a safe stay.

You can see all of Allentown, from downtown to downtown and downtown to Bethlehem. It can also be seen from all over the state, as well as from as far away cities as New York City, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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