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The Hatboro - Horsham School District welcomes you to one of Pennsylvania's finest school districts, where you are considered a champion of learning. Iron Valley Tubing has opened a new facility in Allentown, PA, just blocks from the Allentown Hotel.

Each room has a kitchen with a refrigerator and hob, microwave, mini-fridge and coffee maker. A complimentary deluxe breakfast is served each morning at the hotel. This highly rated hotel features bright, well-equipped rooms and a well-equipped fitness centre. You can have all your favorite snacks and dishes at hand at any time and have access to a variety of amenities.

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The Renaissance Hotel is part of the vibrant PPL Center and is just a short walk from Penn State University campus. The Mount Vernon Hotel & Spa, the largest hotel in Allentown, is a great choice for travelers who want to stay in one of Pennsylvania's most popular tourist destinations, such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh or Philadelphia.

Located in the heart of the central business district, it was a stop of the new electric tram when it opened in 1892, bringing visitors directly into the city. With the arrival of stagecoach lines and railways that brought more guests than ever before, the wooden Allen House Hotel crumbled. Allentown grew so fast at that time that the leading hotels and the American Lafyette were considered obsolete due to their wooden construction. The opening of the Americus Hotel in 1927 affected the Allen Hotel, as a new, larger, modern "Americus" attracted many visitors to the Allen, which had previously been used by Allentingown.

The Koch brothers, who ran a clothing store on the ground floor, were allowed to stay open. In 1955, the property was purchased by First National Bank, which was located in the same building as the American Lafyette Hotel and Allen House Hotel. The property had been empty for about fifteen years and, after a series of bank mergers in the early 1990s, the Erste Nationalbank closed its doors.

After being burned down in a major fire in 1919, the hotel became an Allentown landmark, hosting a variety of events, including the first annual New Year's Eve party. The hotel was extensively used during the Second World War, but in the post-war period it was clear that it was outdated. In November 1946, a Commonwealth building inspector condemned the property and it was closed.

The Orpheum Theatre was a popular venue for concerts, weddings, dinners, rehearsals and other events in the city. They hosted weddings, open houses and private parties, but were best known for entertaining celebrities such as John F. Kennedy, George Clooney, Robert DeNiro, John Travolta, Billie Holiday and many others, as well as for their talks with the likes of The New York Times.

The reception can assist you with the delivery of mail, fax and photocopying services if you require them. Please note the key package that you received with your check to plan the cleaning services for the day.

If the stay is less than seven days, guests pay for the entire stay for one week. Guests paying the weekly rate will be charged for their stay at check-in and for all their stays at check-in. If you do not exceed the $150 per pet tax, you will not be charged any additional taxes or fees to be paid on the first day of your stay. For stays of seven days or more, all guests are required to pay a week in advance, but for longer stays, no more than three days.

If you do not exceed $50 per tax per month per pet, you will not be charged the stated rate on the credit card that contains your reservation. Guests who cancel or fail to show up will lose their prepayment for a non-refundable deposit of $3 per night. If a reservation is cancelled within 24 hours of the first day of check-in, the reservations must be cancelled within 30 days of the date of cancellation, or the month becomes one month if you have not exceeded the 50% tax for that month for your pet. If you cancel within 24 hours, you will lose your reservation and your deposit for the night, including taxes, will be charged.

More About Allentown

More About Allentown