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The Allentown Art Museum houses a host of great temporary exhibits, but this weekend will see three new exhibitions for the first time in more than a decade. Olsztyn, Pa. - The all-inclusive museum - the Art, Multipurpose Museum - is a historic element of downtown Allenown, with over 17,000 works of art covering over 2,000 years of cultural heritage. Located at 432 W. Walnut Street, it is surrounded by an air-conditioned facility with the largest contemporary art collection in the state and one of the largest collections of its kind in Pennsylvania.

This year, the work of Mikolas, a former student and exhibitor of "Art in the Park," who received national recognition at the Scholastic Art Awards and received the National Youth Art Award 2014-15 for his work in the park, will be on display. He has created other public art throughout the Lehigh Valley, including a series of murals and sculptures for the city of Bethlehem and Allentown, and a mural at Philadelphia City Hall.

He told CNN that several experts who examined the painting in question attribute it to Rembrandt. The expert "really died" in Allentown, Kuang said, and the paintings went to New York for conservation, with the conservation project being handled by the American Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., and the National Gallery of Art in London. He became one of the leading authorities in the field of "real masterpieces" and has been working since 1968 to create a list of real masterpieces.

If you're an art fanatic or just want to have some fun, make sure you take a trip to the Allentown Art Museum during your next Lehigh Valley vacation. During your visit to the museum, you can find out what current exhibits the museum will have at the time of your visit. There are a number of things you can see and do while enjoying a day at the AllENTOWN Art Museum.

When this impressive picture of a maroon girl was first acquired in 1961, it was assumed that it had been painted on a striking canvas by the Dutch master Rembrandt. After the painting was sent away for routine restoration, the Allentown Art Museum says advanced imaging and preservation techniques have unmasked the artwork as a true masterpiece. It seems that the museum's original assumption may have been correct, and that the portrait of a young woman could indeed be that of Rem Brandt, which over the years has been covered by varnish. This includes a vintage dress that the author of "The Secret Life of Anne Hathaway" donated to the museum.

By acquiring this remarkable piece and a number of other exceptional pieces from the museum's collection, we have set the standard for quality in our collection.

Allentown was home to artists such as John Irving, Robert Rauschenberg, and Frank Lloyd Wright, who later recorded the work of several other artists, including Robert A.K.A. "Bobby" Brown, John F. Kennedy Jr., and others. The collection of over 1,000 works by these artists has set the standard for quality standards in our collection.

The remaining galleries display works by artists such as Robert A.K.A. Brown, Robert Rauschenberg and Frank Lloyd Wright. Visitors can also experience a little history at the Liberty Bell Shrine Museum in Zion Church.

The Allentown Art Museum has an impressive permanent collection that covers a wide range of media and cultural eras. Despite the name, the museum does not focus on local art and only acquires local pieces that meet its high standards. Smithsonian magazine promotes museum visits, but we do not endorse the content of a participating museum or cultural venue, are not responsible or subsidize any of its cultural venues, and we encourage and encourage its attendance. Be sure to visit this influential regional museum, which is one of the best we have done for you.

Visits to attract new exhibitors and to explore the means and methods for a successful exhibition, as well as the history of the exhibition and its history.

The Allentown Art Museum, 31 North 5th Street, offers tremendous variety and quality in its exhibitions and collection of artworks from around the world. Lehigh Valley is filled with some of the best art galleries, museums, galleries and galleries in the country. We will take you on a tour of the sights and treasures, including the Art Gallery of Pennsylvania, the National Museum of American Art and the Pennsylvania State Museum.

Located on 19th Street in the West End of Allentown, Civic Theatre is home to Broadway - stage shows, musicals, plays, concerts and concerts - and is home to Lehigh Valley's oldest theater company, MunOpCo. The past 76 years have enriched the lives of their members and their families. Mun OpCo has survived and continues to do so, offering a wide range of family-oriented community and theater programs for all ages.

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